Lights, Camera, Planting!

Equinox’s Operation Manager Joyce Brown is a huge HGTV fan, so imagine her excitement to learn that Equinox is providing the sustainable landscape design for the new HGTV Urban Oasis. 

Meet Our Newest Staff Member

Equinox has yet again added another person to our fantastic team.  We are excited to announce that we have hired James Rogers to be our newest Environmental Scientist.  We are

Equinox Starts 2015 with a Bang

Equinox is pleased to announce that Bill Eaker has joined the Equinox team. “We are excited to have someone with such a respected reputation and who has accomplished so much in

Form and Function in Storm-water BMP’s

Bobbie Kelsten’s adorable yellow bungalow sits in a neighborhood that was built during a drought.  At the time, no one knew that the neighborhood storm drain that lies directly behind

A Giving of Thanks

November is coming to an end: the cold is settling in, fireplaces are aglow, the leaves are on the ground and winter is just around the corner…it’s a busy time

Field Technician Position Now Closed

Sorry, but we are no longer accepting applications for the Natural Resources Field Technician job offering.  We’d like to say ‘Thanks’ to everyone who applied!   -Equinox Environmental

The Way of the Green

One fine fall evening around dusk about two years ago, I was cruising down Montford Avenue on my bicycle, helmet on head, headlights flashing.  All of a sudden, an oncoming


Oh chicken poop! I just recently acquired two laying hens and. . .so far so good!  The kids immediately took to them, with my daughter naming her chicken Lilly and

Stay Safe During Hunting Season

It’s that time of year again in western North Carolina, and with the changing leaves comes big game hunting season and the need to take extra safety measures when hiking