Equinox Welcomes Danvey Walsh

Equinox is pleased to announce that Danvey Walsh has joined our staff as an environmental scientist.  As a native of Western North Carolina, Danvey has an appreciation and understanding of the unique culture and natural environment of the region and is committed to preserving the integrity of both.  Danvey completed his undergraduate degree in Geology with a concentration in Environmental Hydrology and his Master’s Degree in Chemistry with a concentration in Environmental Chemistry, both at Western Carolina University.


His specialties include surface and groundwater modeling, statistics and machine learning, and geochemical fingerprinting and tracing in fluvial sediment. Danvey has also been involved with stream assessment and research based stream monitoring from fluvial geomorphological, water quality, and ecological perspectives. Previously, Danvey worked with state and local agencies, and private sector companies on environmental projects in the 8600-acre Town of Waynesville watershed and the Big Harris Creek restoration project, involving 7.5 miles of stream.

Danvey also has an interest in developing low cost, citizen science solutions for water quality monitoring through the development of sensors built on microcontroller platforms.

Danvey enjoys hiking, camping, playing guitar, and the opportunity to retrieve knowledge thought long lost from the deepest recesses of his mind (a.k.a.: trivia).

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