Preliminary Concepts for the Yanahli Master Plan~Connecting A Community To Nature~

Maury County Parks & Recreation has employed Equinox to develop a master plan for Context Mapthe development of a 474-acre site on the Duck River just outside of Columbia, TN.

The community has so far expressed a vision for recreation use of the site that is in balance with conserving the many natural resources on the property. Equinox led a week long workshop in April 2016 called a “charrette”, which consisted of an intensive 4-day combination of site exploration, design, and gathering of over 70+ stakeholder interviews.  At the end of this charrette, the County and Equinox hosted a public open house where two concepts were shared.
IMG_5675_blurThe two concepts found below are what Maury County Parks and & Recreation is seeking public input on.  To read further about the differences between the two concepts, scroll below the images for a summary of each concept.

Maury County and Equinox are still receiving public input on these two concepts… 

You can CLICK HERE to provide your input (taking this survey should take 5 minutes or less).

Concept Options:
Concept Option Summary


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Yanahli-Concept 1



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Yanahli-Concept 2
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