Lights, Camera, Planting!

Equinox’s Operation Manager Joyce Brown is a huge HGTV fan, so imagine her excitement to learn that Equinox is providing the sustainable landscape design for the new HGTV Urban Oasis.  Her enthusiasm was tenfold when she heard that our president and Landscape Architect David Tuch, was to meet with none other than ‘Income Property’ host Scott McGillivray.  David met the host and the HGTV camera crew at Pisgah Plants Nursery to identify possible native plant options for the Asheville renovation project. Jody Goukas, founder of JAG and Associates Construction, recruited Equinox to design the landscape for this year’s Urban Oasis home.

In conversation about her enthusiasm, she said, “I love that show!  I would have insisted that I go with David if it wouldn’t have been totally unprofessional for me to follow them around like a star struck school girl.” Even though she didn’t get to meet Scott, David did request that the HTGV star autograph her business card.  “He is even nicer in person” David texted to Joyce shortly after his meeting.  autograph

This is an exciting and fun project for Equinox to join.  We look forward to sharing more with you as the progress unfolds.

Visit ‘our work’ page to see more sustainable landscape design projects we have completed in the Asheville area.

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