Core Values


At Equinox, we strive for balance.

Balance between the economy and the environment; work and play; thought, introspection and action; excellence and perfectionism. Balance between and within our professional and personal lives.

A balanced work environment personally benefits all of us who work at Equinox and helps us provide more responsive, friendlier service and higher quality products. Balance in our lives helps keep us fresh and eager – ready to do our jobs to the best of our ability. It helps us focus more clearly on tasks at hand. We tend to operate with a calmer mind, which enhances our creativity, opens us up to other perspectives and ideas, and usually leads to better decision-making.

Balance is central to health and happiness, and healthy happy people simply do better work.


Equinox fulfills two basic needs – professional services and products. These help our clients achieve conservation and sustainability.

Our aim is to deliver services and products in a manner that consistently meets or exceeds expectations and to do this in a friendly, responsive manner.

Quality begins with our staff, who are hired not only for their skills and abilities but also because they share our values and possess a passion for and commitment to Equinox’ vision and mission. While we utilize standard operating procedures and other processes to help ensure high quality services and products, we believe that quality is best assured by employing the right people who take pride in their work and make certain that only excellence goes out the door. To help keep us at the top of our game and abreast of new technologies, skills, and research, we annually invest in staff training, conferences and continuing education.


We value the communities we live and work in and, as a company and as individuals, we give back to those communities – in our time, money and talents.

We believe that environmental health and community health go hand in hand. Therefore, our staff participate as members, leaders, and volunteers within our community. We also return a portion of our income at end of year to non-profit organizations working to enhance the public good in our clients’ communities. Over the years we have donated to over 76 different organizations


We value people – our people and your people.

We want to do everything we can to build and sustain long term healthy relationships both within and outside of our organization.

Healthy relationships require us to practice certain attitudes and behaviors. We carry ourselves with integrity and ‘walk our talk’. We are trustworthy and we strive to do what we say we will do. We are responsible– each to his or her self as well as to others. We place a very strong emphasis on clear, open, honest, and timely communications. We appreciate and respect diverse personalities and different perspectives than our own, knowing that it helps to keep our atmosphere fresh and lively and open to adaptations needed in this dynamic, constantly changing world. We believe these attributes can be found in many good, effective teams and it is through teamwork that things are done at Equinox.


We believe that it is possible to do well by doing good.

Equinox is a private, for-profit corporation with a social mission to protect and restore the environment and to help people use resources in an environmentally responsible way.

While it is certainly not the only way to measure prosperity, profits are an important gauge of our success.  Profits provide re-investment capital needed over time to attract and retain quality people; purchase equipment; invest in training and education; weather economic downturns; and contribute to our communities.  They enable us to grow and give us a vehicle to reward innovation, initiative, risk, hard work and leadership.  At Equinox, we want to continue cultivating those qualities in our people because they are critically needed as society addresses pressing environmental and economic challenges.

We value the communities we live and work in and, as a company and as individuals, we give back to those communities – in our time, money and talents.