How do the decisions you make today affect the future of your business, community, and the environment?

Making adjustments now can lead to major cost savings and increased stakeholder satisfaction. Equinox is uniquely poised to help landowners, corporations, and municipalities assess the effects of current activities, develop and implement sustainability action plans, and prepare for climate change.

Sustainable Applications & Implementation

Satisfy the needs of today without compromising the future. At Equinox, we look at everything we do through the lens of sustainability. From low-impact design to long-range planning, a sustainable approach enables landowners, municipalities, and corporations to satisfy their customers, communities, and employees. Let our expertise guide the implementation of your next sustainability project.

  • Environmental Design
  • Stormwater Design
  • Sustainable Development
  • Environmental Planning
  • Water Resources Planning
  • Conservation Easements
  • Ecosystem Restoration
  • Campus Design & Retrofits

Sustainability Assessments

Your business can do good while doing well. At Equinox we help our clients understand how their activities affect the “3 Ps”: people, planet, and profit. We take the expertise we’ve used to assess entire regions and our own business, and apply it to your corporation or municipality—finding opportunities for cost savings, reduced environmental impact, and increased employee and stakeholder satisfaction. If needed, we can also tap our huge local and national partner network to customize a team just for your project.

  • Sustainability Assessments/Plans/Reports
  • Employee/Stakeholder Engagements
  • Cost Benefit Assessments
  • LEED Planning & Strategies

Climate Change Action Plans & Implementation

Smart organizations are preparing for climate change now. Weather patterns are changing, plant hardiness zones are shifting, and personal health is being threatened. We help our clients understand how climate change will affect natural systems, and develop and implement long-term solutions to minimize those risks. Whether it’s designing a stormwater system to accommodate heavy downpours, creating a drought-tolerant planting plan, or restoring wooded stream banks that filter pollutants, our fact-based guidance can help your business or municipality make sound decisions and plan for a changing future.

Carbon Management & Offsets

Be a pioneer in the North Carolina carbon offset movement. This new opportunity for corporations and forest-owning individuals is a win-win for both parties; corporations mitigate their carbon footprints by supporting the maintenance of healthy forests. Our role is to aid corporations in identifying eligible properties, as well as help our forest-owning clients to participate in this market for financial gain, linking the two to create a mutually beneficial arrangement. Equinox is an early supporter in this region because we anticipate that carbon offsets will soon be mandatory. For corporations, now is the time to participate because voluntary mitigation will be more cost effective than fees for regulatory compliance.



"Equinox Environmental has been invaluable to my development clients. They have an amazing ability to maximize a site plan's yield using sustainable site design techniques, while also keeping infrastructure costs down. I have found the staff at Equinox to be responsive, timely and easy to work with. I highly recommend Equinox Environmental and I'll be be referring future development clients to them."

Mike Figura, Owner and Broker
Mosaic Community Lifestyle Realty


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