How do the decisions you make today affect the future of your business, community, and the environment?

Everything at Equinox is about sustainability – Whether its helping to conserve land and water resources, restore a damaged stream, design an ecologically based landscape, or develop a management plan for the long term. Its by first assessing the natural assets and resources of a property that we can best inform the planning and design of our projects. From a watershed to a backyard landscape, we embed environmental science and ecology into our planning and design solutions to help build landscapes that are resilient to climate change and other environmental pressures facing our region.


To see a few examples of how equinox puts sustainability into practice see Our Work.


"Equinox Environmental has been invaluable to my development clients. They have an amazing ability to maximize a site plan's yield using sustainable site design techniques, while also keeping infrastructure costs down. I have found the staff at Equinox to be responsive, timely and easy to work with. I highly recommend Equinox Environmental and I'll be be referring future development clients to them."

Mike Figura, Owner and Broker
Mosaic Community Lifestyle Realty


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