Equinox provides the following services to land trusts, RC&Ds, Council of Governments, Watershed Groups, partnerships and other non-profits:

As a member of a land trust, RC&D, watershed group, or other non-profit, we consider you part of our stewardship family. The work you do is strongly aligned with our mission to facilitate conservation, so we’re passionate about working with organizations like yours. [/columns]  

From assessing the biology to the laying out of the roads, the folks at Equinox were more than competent, they took on the project with the same passion as my partners and I. - John Ager

Here’s what sets us apart from other firms:


conservation-easements-designLong-Term Partnerships

Equinox’s founding 20+ years ago was based on work with land trusts.

As a result, we have deep, long-standing relationships in the land trust and non-profit sector. We also give back to these important organizations every year through sponsorships, donations, and volunteer hours.

Multidisciplinary Approach

With an extraordinary team that includes biologists, ecologists, environmental scientists, GIS specialists, planners, and landscape architects, we can cross-pollinate to come up with truly creative solutions. In addition, because these folks are all in-house, our work is fast and efficient, leading to quicker results for our clients.

Leadership Ability

If your organization is working with partners on a grant or initiative, Equinox can help keep everything on track. We have the facilitation and project management skills to coordinate partner-based projects, increasing your capacity for success while offering valuable expertise and perspective.

Grant Experience

We understand the funding challenges you face — from getting it to managing it, dealing with grant and donation income isn’t easy. With our extensive experience with grant-funded projects, we can offer technical insights during the application process and assist with the grant writing process. And once a project is funded, we can make sure our work sticks to your approved budget.

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