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Equinox provides the following services to landowners and homeowners:




As a landowner, what will your legacy be?

Whether you want to buy land and make sure it works for your needs through due diligence planning, develop your land in a sensitive way, or protect it for future generations, we can help you understand your options. Land trusts have been referring landowners to Equinox since 1998, and we have helped over 100 clients put property into conservation easements. On the development side, we have 20+ years of experience working on both residential and commercial developments of all sizes. We can help you understand both the impact and opportunities that such projects entail. We are especially adept at facilitating the conservation or development processes among partners or family members who may have differing interests. With guidance from Equinox, you can feel good about the long-term decisions you make today.


There’s nothing like sharing a lovely outdoor space with family and friends.

As homeowners ourselves, we know that when you make an investment in your property, you want it to bring great value. This is why we design and install high quality, low-maintenance — and, above all, beautiful — solutions for all types of residences. Our registered Landscape Architects craft environmentally sensitive designs focused on the use of native plants and ecological design techniques that improve water quality, lower energy consumption, provide habitat, and produce edible landscapes. We also have the technical skills to solve those pesky problems that keep you up at night — erosion and drainage issues that may be damaging your property or home. For new construction, we can assess the property to determine where to best site a home and driveway, and develop design plans that can be implemented over time.

Equinox is an extremely professional consulting firm that delivers on what they promise and they are experts in their field. -Jody Guokas, Owner of JAG Construction


Equinox provides the following services to developers:

Here’s why Equinox is a preferred firm for development projects:


desirable-communitiesDesirable Communities

Truly livable communities don’t come from cookie cutter formulas.

At Equinox, our holistic approach, covering everything from solar orientation to green spaces, means that the developments we work on are more appealing to buyers. For example, lots in our developments continued to sell throughout the recession, when other developments sat empty.



Technical Ability

With designers, planners, and scientists on staff, we approach your project from multiple angles to craft innovative solutions.

Our award-winning team has exceptional credentials and the technical know-how to take on most any development project, large or small.

Sustainability Expertise

For clients that value environmentally sensitive development, Equinox is the clear choice. We have more experience and expertise in sustainable development practices than any other firm in the region. Learn more about our sustainability services >>

Permitting Know How

Equinox can steer your project through the maze of ordinance and permitting requirements.  Rather than trying to circumvent the process, we use our strong relationships with the review agencies to work efficiently through it. Any red flags in the permitting process are addressed immediately to prevent delays and additional expense.



Whether it’s a residential or commercial project, it’s important to have a knowledgeable partner who can assess, plan, and design a site while staying on schedule and within budget.

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