Judaculla Rock Park

Client: Jackson County Recreation & Parks Department

The Judaculla Rock is a successful collaborative project on preserving and interpreting Cherokee history. It is one of North Carolina’s most-visited cultural sites in a region that is home to countless Native American Indian settlements and trails in the Appalachians an is on the National Register of Historic Places with the National Park Service.  While working closely with Jackson County, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, the U.S. Forest Service, the North Carolina Rock Art Survey, archeologists and other agencies; and archeologists and other agencies; Equinox crafted a plan that celebrates Judaculla Rock's cultural heritage while respecting the natural character and historic integrity of the site and the soapstone petroglyphs.  Equinox crafted a stormwater, sediment and erosion control plan, overlook, and trail system and access to the Judaculla Rock site.

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