Jonathan Warner

Environmental Designer

Jonathan is an Environmental Designer who has experience working across a large variety of scales and geographies. His professional background includes community garden and park design, urban infill, residential design, community master planning, mixed use development, and planting design. He has a passion for native plants and loves to use planting design as a means to educate people while supporting pollinator and bird populations. While in graduate school, Jonathan worked in public health, and thus seeks to design through a lens of equity, access, and healthy interaction. Jonathan is an avid distance runner, artist, and cook.

Why I Love This Work

Design changes lives. By designing the spaces in which people spend their days, I’m able to foster conversation, build relationships, and inspire appreciation for the world around us. 


Master of Science in Environmental Systems Management; Pratt Institute Bachelor of Landscape Architecture; University of Georgia


Planting design, native plant selection, urban design, garden design, residential design, urban agriculture, master planning, public design process, project management, grading, construction detailing, construction management, hand and digital rendering, marketing graphics, 3D modeling, AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office

Favorite Species

Lobelia cardinalis, or Cardinal Flower, is a perennial native to much of the eastern and central United States and Canada that has striking red blooms. It is most commonly found along streams, but it is highly adaptable to different conditions and can even be used in aquariums. I often admire plants for their beauty and resilience, and Cardinal Flower is an amazing example of both.