Davenport Park Development

Client: JAG Construction

Davenport Park is a Low Impact Development (LID) and infill project located in West Asheville, NC that features certified Green Built NC homes, innovative stormwater design, the preservation of existing woodland vegetation, and layout of homes for maximum solar access. Equinox provided master planning services, zoning and ordinance compliance, permitting, and construction oversight. Davenport Park is showcased as a model for sustainable infill development in the City of Asheville.

Environmental Reviews & Permitting  |  Land Planning  |  Regulatory Permitting  |  Sustainable Applications  |  Sustainable Site Planning

Equinox is an extremely professional consulting firm that delivers on what they promise and they are experts in their field. I would highly recommend Equinox as a consultant for land use planning, urban site development and any other realm of environmentally conscious design/ development. I will certainly work with Equinox in the future. Jody Guokas, Owner of JAG Construction