Azalea Road Park- Green Infrastructure Project

Client: City of Asheville

This project was constructed in an effort to manage high water during flood events to protect the historic Biltmore Village area, and to create new and improved infrastructure for vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists at one of the most popular parks in Asheville, NC. The integration of green infrastructure elements was a major focus of the overall design and included multiple stormwater control measures and a river restoration. Other design elements included a new bridge for both pedestrians and bicyclist that connect to other nearby recreation facilities, sidewalks, bike lanes, and a newly improved loop road that has dramatically increased safety at the park. Perhaps the most exciting feature of this project is Equinox’s innovative roundabout design. This is the very first roundabout in North Carolina in which the center is sunken and serves as a stormwater treatment area. Since the park is home to a regional soccer complex, the planting design in the center plays off the pattern of a soccer ball to create a landmark feature that functions as a bio-retention area. After rainwater is treated in the center of the roundabout, it then flows for additional treatment into another bio-retention area that features adaptable, native plants that provide seasonal interest and habitat enhancements.

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