Unearthing Forgotten History

Unearthing Forgotten History: Equinox Aids Jackson County in Preservation of Historic Pteroglyph

While working closely with Jackson County, the National Forest Service, the Eastern Band of Cherokee’s Tribal Historic Preservation Office, and archeologists, Equinox Environmental crafted a plan that celebrates Judaculla Rock’s cultural heritage while respecting the natural character and historic integrity of this park site. The plan includes excavation of soil that has accumulated around the peteroglyph known as Judaculla Rock to achieve the earliest documented ground elevations dated back to the 1920s.

Equinox crafted a stormwater, sediment and erosion control plan, overlook, and pedestrian circulation and access to the Judaculla Rock. The deck was designed to appear as if it was embracing the rock, while not detracting from the focus which is the rock itself. ADA accessibility and long term maintenance were integrated into the design. The decking system was implemented to provide access to view the rock, but would discourage foot traffic immediately onto the sacred grounds. The site has considerable archeological significance as it is one of the most well-known peteroglyphs in the southeastern Unites States.

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