White Fawn Overlook Park

Client: Asheville Greenworks/Friends of White Fawn Park

Equinox developed the master plan for an iconic overlook park that will feature views of downtown Asheville, Mount Pisgah, and the surrounding western North Carolina Mountains. It will be the only park in Asheville that will provide views high above the city limits and long range views with different spaces or “rooms” for viewing.  The park will be connected to Memorial Stadium and Helen’s Bridge, two significant landmarks in Asheville, via the Beaucatcher Greenway (a project in which Equinox was also involved).  Major park elements include a “community porch” feel to the design with a covered viewing platform, a ridgeline promontory mimicking the design of a “mountain bald” (a natural plant community found in western NC mountains), and sustainable design features (pervious parking, stormwater treatment, native & edible plants & reuse of materials on-site).  Extensive client and stakeholder engagement was also part of the master planning process.

Land Planning  |  Sustainable Site Planning