Navitat Planning & Assessment

Client: Navitat Corporation

Equinox provided an assessment of the 242-acre property to guide the site layout for Navitat, a canopy adventure tour, which includes zip lines, elevated bridges, and rappelling platforms. The information and natural resource assessment provide by Equinox was used for programming by the guides to convey one of the main goals at Navitat, which was “to create a place where people can learn about the natural environment in a new and totally different way while enjoying a unique recreational experience”. Equinox also developed educational signage which is displayed in the visitor center.

Ecological Assessments  |  Natural Resource Inventories & Assessments  |  Open Space & Park Planning  |  Outdoor Recreation Planning

Thank you for a job well done and for helping to launch Navitat Canopy Adventures!  We look forward to working with you all in the future. W. Ken Stamps, Managing Partner Navitat Canopy Adventures.