Lake Glenville Water Quality Monitoring

Client: Friends of Lake Glenville

Friends of Lake Glenville hired Equinox to continue long term sampling of water quality of Lake Glenville and its tributaries. Lake Glenville is located in southern Jackson County, NC. Lake Glenville (formerly Thorpe Reservoir) was created in 1941 as part of the national war effort by Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA). The lake is the highest elevation reservoir east of the Mississippi and covers 1,452 acres. The project is the continuation of a 20+ year water quality monitoring effort and includes monitoring of both the lake and primary tributaries. Water quality monitoring allows managers and owners to establish baseline values, ultimately increasing the knowledge and understanding surrounding the specific issues of a waterbody such as identifying potential sources of pollutants which may be degrading water quality. Testing for a suite of routine water quality parameters is analogous to receiving an annual physical exam for our own wellness.

Ecological Monitoring