Message from Equinox’ President

In September 2011 I stepped in to serve as the President of Equinox Environmental.  It has been with great satisfaction that my business partners Andy Brown and Steve Melton have put their faith in me to lead the company.  Andy Brown, who founded Equinox in 1998 and who I succeed as President, had the vision to build the organization into the company it is today through his leadership and determination.  Steve Melton’s tireless effort and commitment to building the Ecological Services group has significantly contributed to Equinox’ continuing success in spite of the challenging economic climate we all have experienced.  I am also very thankful to our terrific staff that has been very supportive during this time of change.  With all that being said, many of our supporters, business colleagues, and clients have asked what changes to expect from Equinox in going forward.  My reply to them is that Equinox will continue to provide our clients with the same excellent solutions, service, and people for the benefit of a healthy environment.  More specifically, we will continue to provide the five essentials that have set us apart or what I like to call “The Equinox Difference”.

1.       Our blend of unique skills and services- Our multidisciplinary team of professionals  produces sustainable solutions that work.   As simple as it sounds, our experience and backgrounds are critical to the success of each project we undertake.  Our talented team includes a diverse group of professionals from the planning, design, scientific, and natural resource realms that have a host of certifications and professional licenses to boot.  We will stick to what we do best because we are good at it, not everyone can do what we do, and we get deep satisfaction out of our work.

2.       Personal touch- We take great care to work with our clients and colleagues to promote effective communications.  It’s that “mom and pop” feeling combined with our practical experience within our niche market that gives the people we work with confidence that we truly have their best interest at heart.  This emphasis has served us and our clients’ very well over the years and has never been more important.

3.       Commitment to community- Equinox has a social mission that is tied to our community and the communities in which we work.  One of our main business goals is to make this world a better place and we believe that giving back to our community is part of who we are as an organization and how we can achieve that goal.  We give back in terms of volunteer time and financial contributions every year.

4.       Quality– We have built our reputation on delivering services and products that meet or exceed the expectations of the people with whom we work.  Equinox’ people are highly motivated, well trained, personable, and passionate about conservation, sustainable development, and client service.  This ensures that every project gets staffed by the best people and leads to the best result.

5.       Relationships- We believe in building relationships based on trustworthiness, integrity, and by valuing people. Our goal is to build and sustain long-term relationships with clients and collaborators that share these values.  Our emphasis on relationships gives people with whom we work the confidence in us to deliver what is needed every time.

I look forward to helping our clients reach their goals to protect and restore land and water resources, address environmental issues, build in an environmentally sensitive manner, or develop land based on sustainability and livability principles.  Hopefully, as we emerge out of the shadows of the economic doldrums, we can all have a bright and more sustainable 2012 and beyond.

David Tuch




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