Marion Stormwater Park Designed by Equinox


A great article appeared on the site that featured a park designed by Equinox. New park protects water quality in Marion by Mike Conley.

“A stormwater park contains bioretention areas that can filter out the pollutants contained in rain runoff. The pollutants can be oil, heavy metals and nitrogen found on impervious surfaces like parking lots, rooftops, sidewalks and roads. When the rain comes, all of this is washed down to a stormwater park like the one behind the Marion Police Department. This park has two stormwater bioretention areas that can treat the runoff before it enters into the nearby creek. These bioretention areas contain plants and microorganisms that can absorb the pollutants harmful to water quality.”

Here are a few additional pictures we have of the site.

IMG_20130924_123724_115 IMG_20130924_123525_460IMG_20130924_123559_621

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