Message from Equinox’ President

In September 2011 I stepped in to serve as the President of Equinox Environmental.  It has been with great satisfaction that my business partners Andy Brown and Steve Melton have

Witch Hazel – The Winter Star

A mild winter has its perks – low heating bills and more outdoor excursions, just to name a couple.  But some of the plants in our front yard have become

Equinox’s Internal Response to Climate Change

Because of our mission, our concern for our environment, and general thriftiness, we at Equinox have always worked to minimize our consumption of resources such as electricity, fossil fuels, and

The Way of the Green

One fine fall evening around dusk about two years ago, I was cruising down Montford Avenue on my bicycle, helmet on head, headlights flashing.  All of a sudden, an oncoming


Oh chicken poop! I just recently acquired two laying hens and. . .so far so good!  The kids immediately took to them, with my daughter naming her chicken Lilly and

Stay Safe During Hunting Season

It’s that time of year again in western North Carolina, and with the changing leaves comes big game hunting season and the need to take extra safety measures when hiking

Getting ‘Wild’ at Work

I feel like I’ve been to every cool place in Western North Carolina since I started working with Equinox in June of last year.  My field work has led me

Big Changes at Equinox

August 17, 2011 Greetings Clients, Friends and Allies of Equinox Environmental – On September 21, 2011 I am resigning my position as president and chief executive officer at Equinox Environmental

Climate Change & the National Debt

Like the national debt, climate change seems to be one of those hot-button issues that both polarizes and inflames people. It’s pitiful really. Nothing gets done. Problems get kicked down

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